Monday, May 28, 2012

Growth Hormone Deficiency

While Logan was still in the NICU he had several tests run by a pediatric endocrinologist since mid-line defects like Logan's often include endocrine system defects as well.  All of Logan's tests came back prior to his discharge from the hospital except his growth hormone tests.  Since the rest were all normal we were told his growth hormone tests should also come back normal.  The doctor felt this was especially likely since his thyroid tests were all normal and growth hormone deficiency correlates with thyroid hormone issues as well.  As would continue as the pattern for Logan, if a doctor stresses how unlikely something is or how minute the percentage of chance, Logan will defeat the odds.  His growth hormone measurement actually came back so low it was not in the measurable range.  It was so low in fact his endocrinologist had us do a retest as he felt there was a good chance the result was an error.  In Logan style it was not an error and came back just as low upon the second test.  Logan has growth hormone deficiency.  He will have a shot six days a week at least until he is fully grown and likely for the rest of his life.  Logan's thyroid was retested to ensure it was still normal and it thankfully it was.  This is just the way Logan rolls.  He is our one in a million (or billion) and he likes to keep his doctors on their toes and rubbing their brows.  (Seth and I have seen literal brow rubbing countless times.  It is always very reassuring.)


...and adored.

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