Saturday, June 23, 2012

Logan's First Birthday

What a day to celebrate!  Happy Birthday Logan!

Pumpkins and Spooks

October is one of my favorite months (except that it signals the approach of my four least favorite months of the year...)  I loved sharing this month with Reyna again and Logan for the first time.  It was especially fun to see trick or treating "click" for Reyna and her to be acting like, "This is it?  This is all I have to do for free candy!?  Let's go!"

Apparently she can open a candy bar wrapper...

Once Upon A Dream...

In early October Reyna, Logan and I were able to travel to Florida for a few days to stay with Boompa and Guppie in Disney World!  This trip would not have been possible without the support of my parents and we are deeply grateful.  Sadly, Seth had to work and could not come.  He was missed!    It was such a great opportunity for Reyna and Logan to be with their grandparents, Aunt Meredith, Uncle Chris, and cousins Jacob, Elijah and Garrett.  And to hang out with Mickey Mouse and friends of course! 

More Surgeries

Over the summer Logan had two additional surgeries.  The first was a hydrocele surgery.  While pregnant I had lots of extra fluid surrounding Logan.  Well he had some extra fluid too but not in his tummy area.  His was a bit more south...
This was drained and repaired as an outpatient surgery and Logan did wonderfully.  He was permitted to go home without proving he would drink gallons at a time first.

His second surgery was to remove and replace his ear tubes because he had some bleeding and difficulties with his first set.  This was also an outpatient surgery.  The rest of the summer was spent doing far more enjoyable things. With his initial surgeries, sleep issues and feeding issues behind him Logan was much happier and we were beginning to see much more of his terrific personality.  It was a great summer for all!

Logan with his Great Aunt Caryl and their sweet dog

Logan with his Great Uncle Bruce

Reyna and Cousin Garrett

Reyna with Aunt Mer-Mer

One of Logan's big achievements his first summer
was learning to sit independently.