Saturday, June 23, 2012

Logan's Baptism

A couple of weeks after Logan's birth my parents came for a visit.  During their visit my father, an Episcopal Priest, conducted a home baptism because really at that point we were unsure of Logan's long term prognosis (and really in a way still are...)  I am also an Episcopalian.  Did Logan's birth shake my faith?  A little...  Were there things that were really hard to understand?  Yes.  Did it turn me away from my faith?  No.  

In in the summer of 2011 Logan, Reyna and I were able to travel to my hometown of Pennsylvania to visit with my parents as well as my sisters and their families.  While we were there we were able to recognize and celebrate Logan's Baptism in the church where I grew up.  It was so special that we could do this with my church family and I could not be more thankful that Logan had remained so strong and healthy.  As my father is the priest of this congregation he again led Logan's ceremony.  

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