Friday, June 22, 2012

Logan's Lip Surgery

When Logan was nearly five months old he had his first surgery.  This was to repair his cleft lip.  These surgeries are often done around three months or so, but due to Logan's extensive cleft and slow weight gain his surgery was held off a bit longer.  Our biggest worry was the anethesia and according to the doctors this would be the biggest concern.  We were also quite concerned with how Logan would do after surgery, especially with the pain and relearning to eat.  Luckily Logan (and Seth and I) had lots of support from family as my parents, two sisters and one of my nephews flew out to help.  Prior to surgery Logan was really happy even with his empty tummy.  He was particularly fascinated with the giant yellow booties they gave him.

Logan did wonderfully during the surgery which lasted about three hours.  In addition to his plastic surgeon repairing his cleft lip his ENT also put in his first set of ear tubes to help prevent ear infections. Afterward Logan did well in the recovery room and we were able to give him lots of snuggles while he woke up.  All along we kept thinking about how much Logan's nose would change.  What we never really considered is how much his mouth would change.  Yet this is the feature Seth and I both noticed first, how tiny his little mouth had become.  When he cried a little after surgery his mouth looked so very small and his cry was even littler too (although he grew back into his full cry soon enough).  It was clear from the first glance that his surgeon did an amazing job.  

His cry wasn't all that was impacted though.  While at the hospital Logan was also able to have his first true smile with his beautifully mended lips.

Logan's recovery was pretty tough and he spent a week in the hospital even though cleft lip surgeries are often outpatient or include a stay of only one or two nights at the hospital.  At first he was in the PICU and the care there was terrific.  His pain was managed well and everyone seemed to be familiar with Logan, his needs and his case.  However when he was transferred to the regular pediatric area several days later things sadly went downhill.  His pain was not managed well and he was not wanting to eat at all.  Once again this was the goal to get him home.   Also the nurses and doctors in this area kept nearly making errors (until we stopped them), changing their minds about various aspects regarding his care, and at times truly seeming not to care about our son.  This was our first experience with such care.  Seth and I had already planned for one of us to always be with Logan throughout his stay anyway, but now it felt we had to be awake all the time to make sure no one screwed up with our kid.  Not all the medical staff he had in this area were this way, but many were.   We never had the same nurses so when we got a good one we never saw them again.  Somehow though, the terrible doctor he had from the start in the pediatric wing never changed.  Even when he left the hospital he was in charge of Logan. Despite such challenges Logan continued to be a fighter through it all.

Logan hated the arm braces but they did help him achieve
independent propped sitting for the first time ever!

Finally Logan ate enough, enough times that he was able to tell the hospital doctor to shove it come home.  
As we expected would happen he did much better once in his familiar surroundings.

The work of his magnificent plastic surgeon:
 Before Surgery and Shortly After Healing
One Year Later
 (No additional lip/nose surgeries)

And his sister...  Loving, patient and amazing through it all as always.
All the family attention and new surroundings helped too!

With cousin Eli

At a wonderful family resource room in the hospital.
Places like these are such a blessing to families with hospitalized children.

Reyna playing with a special needs baby doll at the hospital

Logan home and happy with his Boompa (Grandpa)

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