Saturday, May 19, 2012

Christmas 2010

Christmas was by far one of the hardest days with Logan was still in the hospital.  We did not want to be away from him for one moment of time but also wanted our daughter to have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in her own home with both her parents.  After being shuttled back in forth from the hospital daily and never having the two of us at home at once since Logan's birth, it broke our hearts to think of her spending Christmas in the hospital or with only one of her parents.  However it was also heart wrenching to think Logan would be without us at the hospital.  In the end his nurse convinced us that they would be sure to give him extra love and attention and we should spend the morning at home.  As the care in the NICU had been nothing but impeccable we were able to be convinced and spend a few hours at home together followed by a reunion as a complete family at the hospital.  Christmas day was the last day Reyna was allowed in the NICU (due to winter age restrictions) so we really enjoyed this time all together.

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