Sunday, May 27, 2012


Early on we were informed that Logan would need conformers in his eye sockets to help them grow more naturally.  These would also allow him to one day have prosthetic eyes. In the beginning Logan's conformers would not stay in without being wrapped or bandaged.  The bandaging was hard on his skin and difficult to keep in place.  We were told that this would only be for a short time, but after several months we requested a second opinion from another ocularist.  His new ocularist was able to immediately fit him in conformers which would remain in on their own.  This worked for quite some time.  Unfortunately at this point Logan is able to easily remove his conformers and still has had little growth on his right side.  We are currently working this his ocularist to find what will work best at this point.

The photos below show the his first set of conformers which stayed in on their own.  
They have the small stems sticking out to make them easier to put in and remove.

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