Saturday, May 19, 2012

You're Nearly Half Way There...Now Go Home

Due to his large size and breech position Logan was scheduled for a C-Section on his Daddy’s birthday.  However, he decided to pick his own day and came a bit earlier.  Two days prior to his birth I was having fairly good contractions and I was up until past three in the morning.  It was not only the contractions that were keeping me up but also the feeling that Logan was bucking his legs like a rabbit when trying to escape.  The last thing I remember before dozing off is my stomach looking strangely wide and warped as though Logan was squeezed in sideways. 
In the morning my stomach looked back to the way it had for a while.  I felt pretty confident that Logan had been working hard to turn head down, but I wasn’t certain if after making it halfway he succeeded or gave up and turned back upright.  I called the doctor, sharing that I though he may have turned and they were able to do a quick sonogram to check.  Luckily he had turned so I could now have a vaginal birth.  I felt pretty sure this was good news, but the thought of a ten pound baby was still quite daunting. 
I began having painful contractions again that day so we headed to the hospital, again.  They checked me and I was dilated four centimeters and was having regular contractions.  Sounded like a prime time for a baby to me but THEY SENT ME HOME.  I was pretty pissed at this because of how far along things seemed to be and my apparent challenge in determining if I was in true labor.  Oh, and yeah, I was a high risk pregnancy as well.  Sounded like a grand idea to send me home!
The next day I continued having bad contractions and called my clinic.  They had me come in to the clinic and hooked me up to the monitors.  As I had been for seven weeks, I was showing labor contractions but since I had remained at four centimeters they told me to go home and wait until the pain was just a bit more and then go to the hospital.  I went home and did my best to rest, pretty confident that this was it.  I soon had contractions so bad they woke me from my nap and we went to the hospital.  I was still at four centimeters and ready to strangle the first person who told me I was going home, but they told me my own doctor was the one at the hospital tonight and he wanted me to be admitted.  I was so relieved and found the hospital bracelet to be the loveliest piece of jewelry I had worn in quite some time.  

Reyna chilling in the room we were finally granted.
She was totally prepared to throw things on
my behalf if we didn't get it immediately.

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