Thursday, August 23, 2012

Understanding way more than we thought...

After two months of a double ear infection Logan still was not eating well.  He was down to about half his normal intake of bottles and would barely eat purees if at all.  We gave it some time thinking it was because he was still getting better but even as he seemed to become more healthy he still didn't want to eat much at all.
So one evening as Logan played on the floor Seth and I had a serious talk that maybe it was time to surrender to the g-tube.  It was so difficult to even think about but at least, for this purpose, he could still enjoy some food by mouth.  It would just ensure he got his calories back up.
Funny thing though... the very next day Logan began eating like crazy.  He ate more per day than he had ever eaten before and prior to this day he rarely finished a full eight ounce bottle.  Instead he usually at four to six ounces per bottle.  Now he was regularly eating eight ounces every bottle and at times he was taking a refill and eating amounts like eleven or twelve ounces.  His all time record to date is fifteen ounces in one feeding. He began to put on weight again and grew and grew and grew.  He put back on the two pounds he lost and since then has put on two and a half more.  He also began eating meltable finger foods for the first time and loved them.
Logan had worn the same size pajamas for so long that when he needed thinner ones for summer I bought him several pairs in that same size because we could have fit two of him in next size up.  Within two weeks he needed that next size up proven by popping his toes out of a pair during the night.  He is now fitting in even the next size above that.  This all happened in the span of only about two months of being healthy.  Logan is just remarkable and apparently greatly distastes the idea of a g-tube.  

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