Friday, August 24, 2012

Our Mighty Man

This summer Logan had a scope of his upper GI and pH impedance test completed. This was to get a better idea of the severity of Logan's acid reflux and to check for any damage or deformities of his upper GI tract.  Logan needed to be put to sleep (again) for the scope portion of the test.  Prior to the anesthesia Logan was having a great time playing despite having no breakfast that day.

Gymnast feet!
After the scope they placed a special tube down his nose into his esophagus.  This had a sensor which measured the amount of acid that was making its way into his esophagus from his stomach.  The probe was attached to a small device which would show the pH level being read internally.  We would also push buttons o this device when he showed possible signs of reflux (i.e. crying, arching, fussing). The small tube needed to stay in for about twenty four hours during which he pretty much could eat, drink and sleep as he normally does.  He did need to stay in the hospital for the full test since he was so young.  He also had to have a set of the dreaded arm braces back on so he could not pull the tube out of his nose.  He also had sensors for his vital signs and an IV which needed to be protected from being removed.  At first he actually did not seem too bothered by it all, although he liked having snuggles and his own bed from home.

Notice the IV is really well protected.  We weren't letting the nurses
 take any chances of needing to find a new vein this time.
Even though Logan wanted his own bed from home Reyna loved his hospital bed.
 She was pretending to be a bear and would say, "Lock me up like cage!"
Next weekend instead of the playground we are going to the local jail for fun.
All seemed well up through the evening and Logan mostly wanted to sleep so Reyna and I headed home for her bedtime.  Seth was taking the night shift at the hospital with Logan.  In the morning the probe would be removed around ten or so and Logan would be free to go home.  Late in the evening Seth went ahead to sleep since Logan was sleeping so well.  Around two in the morning a nurse checked in on Logan and he was still fast asleep.  However she came back just twenty minutes later because his monitors were no longer reading information.  In that mere twenty minutes she found that Logan had awoke, Houdinied out of his arm bands, pulled the tube out of his esophagus and out through his nose, ripped the tape off his face, removed the respiratory sensors of his chest and removed his pulse/oxygen monitor.  He managed this all without waking Seth.  Needless to say that ended his test and Logan got an early morning discharge.  His little way of saying "I'm done now thank you all very much" that earned him this shirt:
("Tiny & Tuff")
Luckily they got enough information from the time he had with the monitor and from the scope.  As suspected he does have pretty significant reflux but the great news is that it didn't appear to have done any damage since he has been on medication since he was really little.  He also had no significant abnormalities and certainly none that would require a surgical fix.  He will just need to continue his medicine to keep him comfortable and prevent any damage.  

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