Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Skills

With Logan's huge leap in his growth (recall toes out of PJ's...) and health improvements came the development of new skills.   He began trying new things at school and is really enjoyed his new explorations.  His biggest recent physical development is that he is  finally comfortable bearing weight on his feet and soon after began to stand with support to lean upon.  He then gradually needed to lean less and is now able to hold on with just his hands.  After about a week of standing like this he learned to pull up in his crib.  He can now frequently be found awake until two or three in the morning because he is so busy practicing pulling up and getting down in his crib.  Over and over.  Just recently he started cruising around his crib in this way, adding to the skills that just won't let him sleep.

Summer School!


He also began making some gains in speech and is saying some new consonants.  So far in addition to the vowel sounds he make the sounds for b, l, g, h, m, n and p.  He also makes some excellent growling noises.  He is yet to say words with fully clear intent and still seems to struggle with receptive language but it is great to hear his babbling and baby talk start to take more shape.  We are very hopeful for language development.  We also continue to do a few basic signs with him hoping these might also take or will be a mode of communication for him if oral language is not.
He also has grown in his abilities with eating foods.  He is no longer interested in purees but in addition to eating meltable baby foods like Gerber puffs he is able to eat soft foods such as avocado and pasta.  About half of it still ends up in his lap but he is getting better all the time and seems to really love eating all the new foods.  The hole in his palate to his nose and his postnasal reflux are still issues but less so than in the past.  Our little baby is becoming a full on toddler!

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