Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Reyna!

We celebrated Reyna's third birthday at a local kids play center.  Nearly a year prior we had gone there for an evening and had won a drawing for a free birthday party.  This was such a wonderful gift for Reyna as we probably could not afford a party otherwise.  We had met up with one of my good friends there who has a little boy Reyna has been friends with since she was only three weeks old.  In fact her mother and I were pregnant together and our due dates were only one day apart, but her son made an extra early entrance.  Since she was with me for this great surprised we talked about possibly doing a party for both of the kiddos together since they are only about a month apart.  Then almost a year later it worked out exactly that way.  They both had a great time.  Since Reyna is getting a little older I was glad she was able to have a party at a favorite place and invite some friends to celebrate with her. 

Happy 3rd Birthday Reyna!

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