Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer Vacation

Logan, Reyna and I headed back to my home town this summer to visit with my side of our family.  It was so great for the kids to be able to spend time with everyone there and all truly went fabulously.  The only downside was that Seth was not able to join us because he had to work.  Hopefully next year he won't have to use all his vacation time for surgeries!  It would be wonderful to spend it as a family having fun instead.  I am sure Logan would greatly appreciate the break too!  We'd love to be able to travel to see Seth's side of our family as well.  It is so hard being away from them all and when we are able to get together it is terrific.  Both kids were healthy for the entire trip as well which made it even better.  Below are some highlights of our visit.

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