Sunday, March 4, 2012

Reyna's Personality

As Reyna continued to grow over the next few months we could really see her personality developing.  As much as the two don’t seem to go together she was fully beginning to show herself as a gentle adventurer.  She remained an easy baby.  She was sweet and loving and very rarely cried.  One of her favorite things to do during this period of time was give “huggies” to everyone, including all of her stuffed animals and our kitty.  

Reyna slept amazingly well and would even look forward to going to bed once she was sleepy.  She began to really enjoy books and loved being read to or independenly “reading” her stories.  Although Reyna has normal hearing we had taught her several signs.  This seemed to help her maintain her easy going nature as they allowed her to communicate her needs pretty well.  

   Despite her mild temperment she was still driven to conquor new skills.  She was learning to climb all kinds of objects and give me regular heart attacks.  She learned to conquer the stairs using the handrail and bump her way down on her bottom or go down backwards.  She was very tempted to just walk down, but we steered her away from these ideas quickly.  

Right around a year, to the dismay of our cat who always stayed a few feet ahead, she learned the joy of running short distances.  She loved anything involving movement including spinning, swinging, bouncing, and throwing herself into mountains of soft objects.  

She was quite independent yet loving toward all.  She remains this way today.  We appreciate her gifts so deeply for making her who she is and allowing her to be a truly remarkable individual, daughter and big sister.  

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