Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reyna Becomes Mobile

     Reyna remained pretty chill and followed along with “What to Expect” type literature so nicely that the whole parenting thing was going quite fabulously.  I have read enough classic literature that I should have seen this as foreshadowing, but I did not.  These days we are learning parenting far outside any parenting book and we are very grateful for this gentle beginning. 
    As Reyna was always so calm and gentle she greatly surprised us with some pretty early mobility.  I think she may have caught her delicious belly in the mirror and realized it was time to give up the chili fries or get in some exercise.  She was able to sit independently at four months, but this certainly wasn’t unheard of.  Then she crawled and cruised by six months.  Again, on the early end, but not out of the realm of what we heard was possible.  We fully baby proofed a bit earlier than we expected and were proud of our little girl of course.  Then she stood well and began taking a step here and there at seven months.  By eight months she was walking across the room.   By nine months she was all over the house.  We were of course very proud of her, but it definitely freaks you out a little bit when you think you still have somewhere around four, five, or even more months to worry about all of this free movement and potential mass destruction.  We expected to have a little baby for a while more.  That was one of the craziest parts about it.  She still was a little baby.  She was this little baby walking around with absolutely no concept of caution.  This was our first step in truly learning that all kids, both with and without special needs, are highly unpredictable.  Therefore my “need to plan” self has been learning a ton (and going a little crazy) ever since.
Sitting Pretty
Crawling (She was very protective of the leaf
she found and it had to come with her.)

Watch me stand and chew!
Taking a step

Eight Months

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