Saturday, February 25, 2012

Reyna's Arrival

    To fully document and share our experience I’d like to begin with when we first became parents and welcomed our sweet little Reyna into the world.  By thirty-eight weeks I was definitely done being pregnant and luckily Reyna took the hint and joined us on May 9, 2009.  She picked a remarkable day to be born as this was the birthday of her great grandmother who had sadly passed away only two years prior to her arrival.  I went into labor on the day prior, but our little sweetie hung on through the night to come on Great Grandma’s birthday.  It was also the day prior to Mother’s Day that year and I was able to celebrate my first Mother’s Day as a mother with a brand new baby girl in my arms.  Best Mother’s Day gift ever!  As many do, I find it impossible to describe the moment when I held our baby in my arms for the first time.  Sounding totally cliché, it is simply miraculous.  I just loved looking at her, nuzzling her, seeing her tiny little fingernails and kissing her sweet, sweet head over and over.  God bless her tiny little 19th percentile head.  Not to say it didn’t hurt, but God bless her sweet, tiny little head.

    To be honest Reyna’s arrival was pretty typical.  She was almost by the book.  She slept a lot in the beginning, she nursed well, she roomed in with Seth and I and we all left the hospital after two rather blissful days.  For new parents this was such a blessing.  I was especially grateful for this as her pregnancy had been pretty challenging, nothing terrible, but I wasn’t beaming rainbows and butterflies out of my orifices as I was almost constantly sick while lugging my big belly around.  Also, since my husband Seth and I can’t seem to do anything small, and after a busy year with getting married, moving halfway across the country, beginning new jobs, getting pregnant, buying our first house, moving again (at eight months pregnant in a blizzard), and having a baby I think it was time for something to come a bit easy and calm for a bit. 
    For three whole weeks life was very calm.  Reyna remained a pretty happy, easy baby.  We had the typical things of getting up through the night and lots of diapers, but nothing unexpected.  Until week three when Seth lost his job with a company he had been with for ten years.  The same company we relocated for when he got another of many promotions in his career.  The company that was largely paying our bills and keeping us going.  The company that helped us feel secure when recently buying our first house together.  Thankfully we had gone toward the lower end of what we could “afford.”  Seth then began his journey of looking for work, along with a large portion of our nation and over ten percent of our state.  Thankfully I had still had my wonderful job as a teacher to help us squeak by.  Best of all we had a beautiful, happy baby girl to make every day bright.

    As so many families have had to do we learned to get by with much less.  It was a tough situation but a huge benefit of the job loss was that when I returned to teaching in the fall, Seth was able to be home with Reyna.  She is a Daddy’s girl to this day and the impact of having her dad home with her is immense.  She remained a pretty easy baby and I am pretty sure for the first six months they were hanging out eating chili fries on the couch together.  Not sure how she gummed them down but she had the thighs and cankles to prove it!  I also don’t know how she survived infancy without me gobbling down her sweet chubby cheeks and rubber band wrists whole when I arrived home from work each day.  Her only issue as an infant was wicked acid reflux which again points to the chili fries.  Go ahead and deny it daddy!

Yep, look!

Are my feet still down there?


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