Sunday, March 11, 2012

Reyna Turns 1!

Happy Birthday Reyna!!
Reyna’s first birthday fell directly on Mother’s Day.  On my first Mother’s Day I got to hold my little one day old baby.  Now I got to celebrate with my big one year old.  As you can see in the pictures she had a super day (even though she was less than thrilled with her cake).  Oh and she got a surprise present.  Just in time for her birthday…shock SURPRISE!  Mommy’s pregnant!  

Don’t worry, Reyna, your sibling will be here just in time to shake up your Christmas too.  (Luckily we now know you just adore him as much as we do!)  Happy Birthday baby!

This is a just another pretty thing for me to climb right?

Deep concentration

These blocks are still one of her favorite toys today.

Curious about her cake.

Disguised by her cake.  

(This should have been our first sign that she would be a very picky eater soon.  After a small taste she sadly did not eat any more cake.  No messy faces on this day.)

Adventures on the birthday slide...

This may take some practice...
Another fun present!

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