Monday, April 29, 2013

Hooray for Services!

Logan has his new IFSP completed and recently started services in our new state.  He has had so much growth in the past couple of months, even without services underway, that we are really excited to see how he will do with them started.  He has qualified for weekly PT, OT, Speech, and Vision services.  (They still call it vision services even when a child is totally blind.)  We are especially excited for his speech teacher as she specializes in children who are deaf and blind.  Although Logan can hear, we are not sure he processes speech normally, so we are excited to learn additional ways we can communicate together from her.
He also recently received his first white cane.  It is so tiny!  We are happy to see he likes to hold and explore it.  I think it will be key in giving him the confidence to walk more independently   He is taking steps now as long as he knows you are there in front of him or when still hanging onto something.  The cane should hopefully allow him to venture out further.  With no vision or light perception it is still scary for him to be alone in a any wide open space, even sitting sometimes.  Thank you Jessica from Thomas Marshall Does it All for sharing on your blog about the free cane program through the National Federation for the Blind.  If you are interested in learning about the program you can go to .  If you are interested in learning about another cool kid who also happens to be blind check out Jessica's blog here .  I have learned so much from reading about Tommy!

Here are some pictures of Logan exploring with his new cane.

Here are some other recent pictures of Logan and Reyna.

Secret to a happy picture together?  Couch bouncing!!

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