Thursday, January 17, 2013


Well it has been quite busy since I last updated! Logan is doing well overall.  He has had one surgery to remove the skin tags around his ears.  There is slight scarring on one side with a deeper scar on the left where one of the tags was the start of a duplicate ear.  This one ran deeper so more cartilage needed to be removed.  The scars are still pretty red now, but as his lip scars did they are expected to fade over time.  He did well with the surgery and was home the same day.  That is always a relief!

Right prior to surgery
Left prior to surgery

Left after surgery
Reyna began preschool and is loving it!  She has been learning a ton and it is really fun to see her vocabulary and knowledge explode.  She is still such a happy go lucky kiddo and gets along well with her classmates and teachers.  She does have some spunky moments that get her in a bit of trouble but overall she is doing wonderful.

First Day of School

Daddy came to read when Reyna was "Student of the Week"

Logan has had some illness, including a couple of very high fevers.  The first was probably the most scary because he was breathing fast and then would stop breathing for short periods just as he did when he was first born.  It turned out to just be a really nasty ear infection and his breathing returned to normal when his fever came down.  
The second fever was due to pneumonia which he came down with just after Christmas.  We were out of town visiting with my side of the family so Logan got to visit a brand new ER.  He likes to compare their services I guess.  Luckily he was not having breathing difficulties and was able to go home after a nasty antibiotic shot and with some home antibiotics to take as well.  He has recovered nicely and now just seems to be battling some strong teething pain.  Otherwise all is well.

Hopefully he liked the ER because it is at the hospital that will soon be his home hospital.  We are in the process of a permanent move there.  My home church has graciously allowed for us to live in the vicarage, the home owned by the church.  Seth and I will be the caretakers of the home while also providing snow clearing and grounds care for the church. In addition, I will resume teaching Sunday School there after Reyna and I finish our school year here.  It will be so wonderful to be surrounded by family and friends who adore Logan  and Reyna and can be a greater part of their lives.  This will also allow Seth to return to college to pursue a new career.  He is very excited to have this opportunity.  We are so grateful for the help of our family and of the church! 
As excited as we are to have my family near, we are still sad that Seth's family will be so far away.  It is our hope however that with the new arrangement we will be better able to afford ways to gather together with them as well.  

This is all what has made it so crazy it has been challenging to have time to write!  Below are some picture highlights from the past few months.  

Logan can pull himself to standing now with
a wall or something to grasp.
Logan back at school.

Logan enjoys his first cake pop at a birthday party.
Reyna liked hers too!
At a festival benefiting Logan's school.

This is Logan's new favorite way to sleep.
Good thing his blanket has holes!

Having fun with cousin Garrett

"Twas the night before Christmas..."

Happy 2nd Birthday Logan!!!!
This was his first birthday where he could really enjoy true birthday cake.
He loved it!!

Happy New Year!!!

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Jessica said...

Hi! I found your blog through your post on MAPS Moms. My son is blind and also has some other brain differences, microcephaly, hypertonia and feeding issues that led to a feeding tube. It has been challenging but awesome too.

We also have many diagnoses but no real name for all this.

I blog about my son Thomas at

And we live in Pittsburgh. I hear you are in PA too :)

Glad to find your blog. I'm glad ill be able to follow your cute little man's progress.

Best wishes,